What We Do

Theatre Presto provides:

  • Theatre, which is professionally designed, especially for the elderly and infirm, and can be easily taken into Residential Homes and Community Day Centres.
  • Theatre, which is based in Glasgow and touring the whole of Scotland.
  • Theatre, which stimulates through interaction between the residents and the actors.
  • Theatre, which is conveniently timed to fit-in with the Residential Home’s daily schedule.
  • Theatre, which is considerably cheaper than the cost of a trip to The Theatre.

Our services

The television is a great source of entertainment for the elderly, but if it is your only form of entertainment it can become boring and mind-numbing. There is no interaction between the television and the audience so it lacks the fuel to stimulate the mind. The experience of live theatre and being able to interact with others is essential throughout life. And never is it more essential than when you get to the later years of life.

However, a trip to the theatre can become out of the question. The problem of getting there, the uncomfortable seats, is there enough leg room, only a couple of wheelchair spaces, the difficulty of needing the toilet facilities, not being able to hear or see properly. What should be a fantastic and entertaining experience ends up becoming a nightmare.

Why should it stop just because it is too difficult to organise?

We take good constructive theatre to the elderly. Performing in Residential homes and day community centres, with the encouragement to invite and involve the residents’ families and staff alike. So ‘Grandma’ can sit and enjoy some ‘interaction theatre’ with her son/daughter and grandchildren, giving fuel for conversation after the performance and therefore continuing to motivate the mind.

Each actor will make themselves acquainted with each member of the audiences (usually between 15 and 30 people) before the performance starts. This is done with a simple “hello”, hand shake and exchange of names etc. Thus this starts a connection and response between the actor and audience member. The actor than also has fuel to involve selected members of the audience throughout the performance keeping them alert and caught up with the action.

People with Dementia can often remember things that happened 50 years ago with ease, but ask them what happened 5 minutes ago and they get confused. Music is a great form of familiarity, and with songs from the War Years, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s, Musicals and Films etc. they can be transferred to a time where they feel more comfortable. It can inspire them to interact by just clapping, singing along or even getting up and dancing.

Each play, whether it is a Christmas Pantomime or a Summer spectacular, is especially written to involve and inspire all aspects and abilities of the ageing process, and is patented and produced by director and company founder Preston Clare.


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